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Research Activities

Our research and teaching activities cover three fields of research: labour market stratification, social inequality and social security.

More precisely, our research focuses on the following aspects:

  • long-term development of labour market structure in an international perspective (trends in employment stability and employment security)
  • perceptions and expectations of the working population regarding employment stability and employment security
  • behavioural strategies of labour market actors in internal and external labour markets

According to our research foci, our teaching activities cover the introduction to labour market segmentation and social stratification in general, labour market theory, and labour market policy as well as advanced courses on related topics, such as women in CEE labour markets.

research projects

Since 2001: Employment systems and labour market trends

Project B2 at the collaborative research center (SFB) 580: "Social developments in post-socialist societies" at the Universities of Jena and Halle

Project coordinators: Prof. Dr. Christoph Köhler, PD Dr. Olaf Struck

Project members: Dr. Alexandra Krause, Ina Krause (geb. Götzelt)

The research project investigates structural transformations in the labour market, as well as the socio-economic conditions and effects of these changes. So far, our work has focused on the dynamics of stable and unstable employment. The empirical results show a shift from a hegemony of internal labour markets towards an unstable coexistence of closed and open employment systems in the German labour market structure. East Germany is leading the way in this trend, which challenges not only existing employment career patterns but also firm-specific employment strategies. Therefore, our research is relevant to a number of labour market policy-related debates such as, for example, debates on flexicurity and employability.

In the ongoing funding period, we continue to monitor the long-term trends in the West and East German labour market. Now, however, more emphasis is put on the dynamics of open employment systems. Hence, vertical labour market segmentation according to income and employment security as well as the employment interests, orientations, and labour market strategies of employees are gaining in importance for our analysis.

We are analysing the West and East German labour market on the macro level as well as firm-specific employment systems and individual employment careers. In our data analyses, we apply both qualitative and quantitative methods.

2004 - 2005: Work and Fairness

A research project funded by the Hans-Böckler-Stiftung and performed in cooperation with the Department of Labour Economics at the University of Hannover.

Project coordinators: Prof. Dr. Knut Gerlach, Prof. Dr. Christoph Köhler, PD Dr. Gesine Stephan, PD Dr. Olaf Struck

Project members: Dr. Alexandra Krause, Dr. Christian Pfeifer, Dipl.-Ökon. Tatjana Sohr