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Societal Comparisons

Welcome to the department of societal comparison at the Institute for Sociology at the Friedrich-Schiller University of Jena. We are concerned with questions regarding the structure and dynamic of states and societies as well as capitalism and democracy in a historical and international comparison perspective – with standards not only for social scientific analyses, but rather also for critical interventions in public discourse and societal relationships. On the following pages you will learn more about us and our work. We are pleased about your interest in our work and welcome your comments.


The field of societal comparisons is one of six teaching and research departments at the Institute for Sociology. Since the winter semester 2004/05 this department has been lead by Prof. Stephan Lessenich. Here you will find information about department personnel.


Lectures, seminars, research projects and colloquia in the fields of macro sociology, analyses of societal comparison, sociology of societal transformation and sociological time diagnoses form the teaching core in this field. Here you can learn more.


Main research in this field include the (comparital) social welfare state research and the (political) sociology of age and aging. For a more detailed description of our research activities, please click here .


The yields of research in the field of societal comparison are documented in numerous monographs, anthologies, journal articles, and books. An overview of the publication activities of our personnel can be found here .