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Environmental Sociology (Prof. Dr. Matthias Groß)

General and Theory Sociology (Prof. Dr. Hartmut Rosa)

Quantitative Research Methods and Social Stratification (Prof. Dr. Kathrin Leuze)

Qualitative Methods and Micro Sociology (Prof. Dr. Sylka Scholz)

Sociology of Knowledge (Prof. Dr. Tilman Reitz)

Sociology of Politics (Prof. Dr. Silke van Dyk)

Work, Industrial and Economic Sociology (Prof. Dr. Klaus Dörre)

Former Chairs/Departments:

Socialisation Theory and Micro Sociology (Prof. Dr. Bruno Hildenbrand)

Social and Economic Stratification (Prof. Dr. Christoph Köhler)

Societal Comparisons (Prof. Dr. Stephan Lessenich)