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Ingo Singe

Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena

Institute of Sociology
3 Carl-Zeiß-Straße
Jena 07743
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Research interests

Sociology of white collar work; (British) Industrial Relations, Union Renewal Strategies


Graduated from Hamburg University, Diploma in Sociology, subsidiary subjects: Economic and Social History, Psychology, Political Science

Worked in market research

Worked at Cranfield's Centre for Strategic Trade Union Management on projects on flexible working and employee consultation

Held a scholarship from the Hans-Böckler-Foundation 2005-2008

current projects

I am currently working on a three year project (MOVANO) investigating the interrelation between companies' innovative potential, personnel policies and employee well-being.
I am also finalizing my dissertation on changing identities of white collar workers and processes of interest formation in the German finance industries.

selected publications

Singe, I., Croucher, R. (2003) The management of trust-based working time in Germany, Personnel Review, 32(4): 492-509.

Croucher, R., Singe, I. (2004) Co-Determination and working time accounts in the German finance industry, Industrial Relations Journal, 35(2):153-168.

Singe, I., Croucher, R. (2005) US Multi-Nationals and the German Industrial Relations System, Management Revue, 16(1):123-137.

Croucher, R., Singe, I. (2005) Consultation in a British Utilities Company: reinforcing the Hierarchy?, The Journal of Industrial Relations, 47(4): 471-475. [Research Note]

Croucher, R., H. Martens and I. Singe (2007) A German Employee Network and Union Renewal. The Siemenskonflikt, Relations Industrielles/ Industrial Relations, 62(1): 143-169.