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collaborative research center 580

The only social science oriented collaborative research centre located in East Germany focuses on the long term consequences of societal change in East Germany and other formerly socialist countries after the political break up of 1989/90.

The inter-disciplinary conceptual design of the Collaborative Research Centre 580 enables a multidimensional access to the most important areas of research into the German unification process: economy, politics and social sector are being investigated in 17 projects by sociologists, political scientists, economists, psychologists, historians, lawyers and health scientists. Currently, the SFB 580 counts its second research stage (till the end of 2008), which involves 57 research associates and 50 student assistants.


Speaker: Prof. Dr. Everhard Holtmann, Uni Halle

Co-Director: Prof. Dr. Heinrich Best

Managing-Director: PD Dr. Bernd Martens