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Reasons for studying Sociology in Jena

There are many good reasons to study Sociology in Jena. The most important include:

  1. Jena belongs to the top ten schools for Sociology in German. Research ratings and rankings document our level of excellence in research and teaching.
  2. The teaching Sociologists in Jena, including professors, belong to the youngest in Germany. The teaching program offers a clear profile in areas of sociological theory, methods of empirical social research, work-welfare-profession and social change and sociological diagnosis of time.
  3. Practical experience is provided from the beginning of the program. The department involves students in research projects through teaching and research seminars or positions of project assistants. The Collaborative Research Centre 580, prominent in transformation research, offers many opportunities in gaining practical experience during your studies, for instance, a practical training in the CATI laboratory.
  4. Studying abroad is possible with a variety of partners in Argentina, Chile, Denmark, Finland, France, United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, Austria, Poland, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland and Spain.
  5. Short distances and a collegial atmosphere are features of Sociology in Jena. The department is not so small as to have no choice, yet small enough to have an opportunity for a joint choice and research.
  6. The students are active - this is reflected by the activity of student representatives, as well.
  7. Seeing Sociology as a contemporary critical analysis of society unites collaborators of the department and lays the fundaments of Sociology that seek to identify the challenges of society through an academic lens and contribute to the solution of problems. Jena involves you in this.
  8. Jena is a city rich in traditions and combines an excellent Sociology program with beautiful surroundings.