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Is sociology the right discipline for me...?

Do you, too, ask why the traditional small family is loosing its meaning, why managers earn more than workers, why work is becoming more important and, at the same time, more difficult to get? Do you also ask what rules the world: money or trust? Why people suddenly go on strike? Are you interested in why we want to or must be young? Are you preoccupied with the crisis of the social state? Do you want to understand how society functions, and what kind of power drives us: politics, economy or omnipresent discourse?

If so, then sociology is the right discipline for you. Sociology deals with the social order of human life and institutions originating from it: towns, enterprises, organisations, universities, marriage and kinship relations, friendships. All this can be investigated and researched through the lenses of social construction, function, meaning and the potential for change. Sociology offers various instruments and methods, on the one hand, and a multitude of schools of thought that enable different perspectives and interpretations, on the other. You will find not just one but many answers to the questions raised above.

Sociology degree and driving a taxi...?

Theory of society is not only a fascinating discipline. The societies are constantly in flux. Therefore, there is a constant need for expertise in different areas, resulting in a vast job market for sociologists. We must admit that studying sociology, as many other social sciences, does not end with a clearly defined profession or occupational field. However, graduates of sociology work as journalists, personal and political advisors as well as experts in associations, political parties and trade unions, insurance agencies, market research or administration.

Any questions? Please contact our Sociology advisor, Dr. Erik Hirsch, or the Sociology student representatives.