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The program and its aims

The BA program for sociology provides students with key theories and fundamental ideas of the following divisions of sociology: economic, occupational, and organizational sociology; labour market and socio-political analysis; education and socialization research; family and adolescent sociology; social structure analysis; and societal comparison. The BA program in sociology at the University of Jena can be studied as a major (120 academic credits) or minor (60 academic credits) and can be combined with corresponding majors and minors in other institutes and fields of study. An overview of possible program combinations can be found here. The sociology major also has a main focus on the acquirement of knowledge of the empirical methods in sociological research as well as knowledge of statistics and data processing systems.

What you will learn …

Program alumni will have learned to recognize and analyze conceptual relationships; develop solutions to important issues; think in an interdisciplinary manner; apply theoretical knowledge; formulate their knowledge in a generally understandable manner; confidently present their own positions; design, organize, and implement projects in teams and individually; and apply empirical and statistical methods. These skills are tested in an applied setting during a research project and an internship.

For more information view the module catalogue (in German)